“Solving Local Environmental Problems”

The January 2019 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series (see below for info about watching it through your computer or TCTV channel 22) helps us understand and solve some environmental problems in the Olympia area, especially in the Deschutes River, Capitol Lake, Budd Inlet, Puget Sound, and the surrounding land areas.

This program’s scientific insights will also help people elsewhere to understand and solve their local problems.  We clearly explain the science so anyone can understand the problems and the solutions we propose.

Two very knowledgeable guests help us explore these problems and solutions:

Sue Patnude has a master’s degree in public policy. She has worked extensively in public policy related to science and the environment in a variety of roles for 30 years. Now she is the Executive Director of the Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team, www.deschutesestuary.org.

Daniel Einstein has a Ph.D. in Bioengineering and has worked for decades in a variety of professional scientific roles. In addition to working as an assistant professor at St. Martin’s University, he also volunteers vigorously to protect our local environment, especially through the Olympia Coalition for Ecosystems Preservation, www.olyecosystems.org

We explained basic concepts such as “ecosystem,” “sustainability,” and “best available science.” We explained some of the local environmental problems (especially the water-related ones), and we proposed smart, practical solutions. We addressed problems and solutions related to water quality, salmon, orcas, blue herons, and so forth.

We also addressed some “big picture” context and related issues, such as climate disruption that causes warmer temperatures and sea-level rise.
Local environmental groups and other non-profit organizations are working hard to solve the problems. They know good solutions and could accomplish more if they had more volunteers and more financial support. We really do need more people’s help, including people who have not already participated in environmental organizations. Governments are limited in several ways, so non-profit organizations and volunteers are necessary if we are to solve the problems.

The end of my blog post (see below) offers some of the many sources of information.


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