TV: “Occupy Wall Street, Olympia and Everywhere”

The democracy movement that swept Tunisia, Egypt, and many countries in the Arab world in 2011 also was demanding a fair economy instead of corruption by cronies in unaccountable governments. (See the Olympia FOR’s July 2011 TV program posted at

Los Indignados in Spain, the anti-austerity protests in Greece, and other actions around the world are also related to this movement for democracy, human rights, and a humane economy. And now – with similar consciousness and demands – the Occupy Wall Street movement has swept the U.S., resulting in hundreds of local “Occupy” encampments, protests and other grassroots activities.

The Olympia FOR’s newsletter for December 2011 and January 2012 (which you can see at our website, covers the Occupy movement very well. Pages 1-3, and 8 of offer information and insights into the Occupy Movement and its context for which this fall’s encampments have been a physical manifestation.

The Occupy Olympia encampment that began in Heritage Park in mid-October was planned to serve as a base for grassroots organizing on a range of issues, especially issues related to Olympia’s role as the state capital. Participants learned to work together across differences, practiced hands-on democracy, and collaborated to provide food, housing, first aid, safety, and other basic needs. They shared knowledge about issues and skills in grassroots organizing. Participants in the Occupy Movement were consciously building the kind of new society they want to see.

Occupy Olympia became a participatory village that was inclusive – all ages, students, unemployed, seasoned activists, newcomers, homeless persons – and came close to representing the diversity of folks in the 99% whose needs have not been met by “politics as usual.”

The Olympia FOR’s January 2012 TV program features four local guests who have participated first-hand in planning and carrying out Occupy Olympia’s many activities. All four are knowledgeable and articulate, so be sure to watch our January program for local angles and insights on this nationwide and global movement.

Our guests are:
Mary Abramson
Bill Moyer
Dana Walker
Kyle Tanner

To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.

To read a short .pdf document about this program, Program Description — January 2012.