“Local Governments Must Protect the Environment”

“Local Governments Must Protect the Environment”

This month’s interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” will inform, inspire and motivate us to urge our local governments to do a better job of protecting the environment.

People everywhere really do care about the environment, but environmental problems persist all the way from the global level down to the local level. This interview will help you understand why local governments often fail to protect the environment – and how we can be more effective in urging them to protect it. We can indeed think globally and act locally.

Three knowledgeable, insightful guests — Cindy Beckett, Tye Menser, and Helen Wheatley — help us explore this topic. They draw upon their vast knowledge and experience and explain things clearly. Our expert guests help us understand the difficult problems and inspire us to solve them.

The environmental movement was strong in the late 1960s and the 1970s, so we got governments to pass strong laws that are still useful. But some realities have moved beyond the realities of half a century ago, so we need strong new laws to further protect the environment from the more deeply understood problems and the new dangers.

Our guests explained several reasons why governments are failing to adequately enforce the laws and regulations. Many specific sites are complicated by overlapping jurisdictions and fragmented responsibilities, so it’s hard to get various parts of government to accept responsibility. Also, most elected officials and planning department staffs and hearings examiners do not understand the relevant science deeply enough to make informed decisions. Real estate developers carry too much weight.

As with other problems, grassroots people-power is a great remedy. We need to learn the laws, the science, and the procedures, and we need to mobilize people to solve the problems. Yes, ordinary people can indeed study the laws and regulations and learn how to push back to protect their local streams, wetlands, and other sensitive areas. Our guests shared several inspiring examples.

You will enjoy watching this informative, insightful and inspiring interview — and you’ll enjoy reading the thorough summary of what we said.

To watch the interview, click this link:  WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE

To read the thorough summary and see sources of further information, click this link:  2018.09 Program Summary — Environment & Local Governments

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