“Let’s Understand the Islamic Faith”

The October 2018 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series helps us understand the Islamic faith.

Islam is the world’s second most popular religion, but most Americans who are not Muslim do not understand it.  Many of the things Americans think they know about Islam are not actually true.  I invite you to watch this TV interview with three knowledgeable, articulate Muslims so you will gain a clear and accurate understanding.

See the link below to watch the program — and the link below that to read a thorough summary of what we said and a list of sources for further information.

To watch the interview, click this link:  WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE.

To read the thorough summary I wrote about what we said in the interview (with a list of sources for more information at the end of the summary), click this link:  2018.10 Program Summary — Islam.

People in Thurston County WA who have cable can watch the program 3 times a week throughout October 2018 on TCTV cable channel 22:  every Monday at 1:30 pm, every Wednesday at 5:00 pm, and every Thursday at 9:00 pm.

We showed and mentioned a world map showing the origins of members of the Islamic Center of Olympia and a display of Muslim women who have accomplished great things.  Here are those images:





Our local community has been showing support for the Islamic Center of Olympia:

People gather in Olympia’s mosque:


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