In the early morning of June 28, 2009, about 100 soldiers from the Central American nation of Honduras forced their way into the bedroom of Honduran president Manual Zelaya, kidnapped him while he was still in his pajamas, and forced him into exile in another country. This military coup – backed by conservative business leaders – overthrew a freely elected president.

Latin American nations unanimously denounced this military coup against democracy.

U.S. politicians and news media have distorted the realities, so the American people do not understand what really happened, or why. The crisis has continued ever since.  Human rights abuses — including many murders by the government — have continued ever since.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s October 2010 TV program goes beyond the simplistic explanations and shares information you have not heard from mainstream sources.

Our two guests — Nina Murano and Bruce Wilkinson – are well informed and learned even more while they were in Honduras in 2010.

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To read about it, Program Description — October 2010.