“Decades of Solidarity with Santo Tomas, Nicaragua”

Since 1988 our local community has built and sustained a strong relationship with a sister community in Nicaragua. The Thurston – Santo Tomás Sister County Association (TSTSCA) has built peace and across thou-sands of miles of distance by interacting face-to-face with back-and-forth delegations and by collaborating on practical projects in Santo Tomás. While the Reagan Administration was making war on Nicaragua, people in Thurston County and Santo Tomás forged relationships of mutual understanding and respect. Bypassing governments, we just went ahead and did what was needed – and what was right.

In March 1987 the second episode of the Olympia FOR’s TV series featured Jean Eberhardt, who had returned from a Seattle to Nicaragua Construction Brigade project and was organizing an Olympia to Nicaragua Construction Brigade. The relationship grew and TSTSCA, a non-profit organization, was created the next year. TSTSCA’s partner there is the Santo Tomás Committee for Community Development. We collaborate with mutual respect and understanding. This is truly a grassroots effort that relies entirely upon ordinary people in both communities.

For more information about TSTSCA, visit www.oly-wa.us/tstsca or contact Jean Eberhardt at (360) 943-8642 TSTSCA@gmail.com

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