“A Nonviolent Society for the Common Good”

In recent years American society has experienced a serious upsurge of anti-government rhetoric, including threats of violence against members of Congress – and in January 2011 an actual shooting. We have seen a continuation of war, torture and human rights abuses by our government, cutbacks in vital social and health services, a mania for privatizing public services, intolerance of minority races and religions, and an overall breakdown in the sense of our common humanity.

Are these interconnected?  Do they have common roots?

Can we find solutions that will resolve these problems and restore our public ethics and our common humanity?

How could we reduce fear and violence – and build a society that is secure and nonviolent?

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s February 2011 TV program interviews two guests — Larry Kerschner and Becky Liebman — who examine these problems and explore positive solutions.  They bring rich backgrounds in many fields, and it’s a treat to have them on this program.

To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.

To read more about this interview, CLICK THIS LINK:  A Nonviolent Society for the Common Good — February 2011.

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