TUES FEB 26: Speakers with short film about “Golden Rule” sailboat opposing nuclear weapons

The “Golden Rule” is a famous sailboat that has a long history of opposing nuclear weapons.
Watch a short film about it and hear speakers.
TUESDAY FEBRUARY 26, 7:00 pm at Traditions Café, 5th & Water, downtown Olympia.

Jim Woods <jimandvelma1981@gmail.com>, a local member of Veterans for Peace chapter #109, is Olympia’s organizer of this event.

See information from Zoe Byrd zoe2byrdz@gmail.com below:

The tour starts tomorrow in Chico, so I will be able to get you all of the promo materials on Saturday or Sunday.

Along with the screening of “Making Waves,” we will be 2 speakers: myself, Zoe Byrd and Peter Lumsdaine from Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (WPSR — www.wpsr.org).

More soon!

In Peace and Friendship,

Zoe Byrd

Veterans For Peace-Golden Rule Project
VFP-GRP Committee Member
Golden Rule S/V Crew Member
Golden Rule Ambassador
Sailing for a Nuclear Weapons Free World
Making Waves: The Rebirth of the Golden Rule
A 25 minute documentary about the Golden Rule’s history and current mission
Now available to view and download here!

On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 4:09 PM James Woods <jimandvelma1981@gmail.com> wrote:

We have arranged a host of “Making of Waves – The Rebirth of the Golden Rule” and it will be at Traditions Cafe in downtown Olympia. This is a popular destination for free thinking residents. The cafe generally quits serving food at about 6 pm so they can clean up the cafe and kitchen. The front of the business sells a variety of items from around the world and I think it also closes at 6 pm.

I will immediately start on gathering information for flyers and various local media. I’ll also keep in close contact with Glen Anderson, who is very involved in Washington efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons.

We will also be looking for places for Zoe and another person to be housed for one night to help save expenses.

Traditions has a great screen, a projector (I assume for the DVD film … but do bring your projector) and a good sound system. We need to be out by 9 pm. There may be coffee and snacks available during the presentation.

I will try to find a representative from a local Indian Tribe. There are two tribes within a reasonable driving distance.

If you need to contact me, my home phone number is 360 459-9015 (please leave a message if there is no answer); and email at jimandvelma1981@gmail.com. My cell phone is 360 819-8102 but I don’t keep in on very much.

In peace,

Jim Woods
Rachel Corrie Chapter 109 of Veterans For Peace