Trump’s seriously dysfunctional psychology keeps getting worse — with VERY DANGEROUS implications.

I keep seeing more and more information about Trump’s serious psychological problems.  Trump’s bizarre, reckless, hate-filled rhetoric and behavior are alarming — and DANGEROUS for our nation and for the world.  Also, many psychologists and psychologists keep writing and speaking about his psychological disabilities and dangers.

He is absolutely obsessed with bragging about himself and what an excellent job he is doing as President.  He said his performance regarding Coronavirus would rate 10 on a 10-point scale.  Even when he is supposed to be honoring somebody else, he exploits that occasion and focuses largely on praising himself.  He wasted taxpayers’ money on a 4th of July military parade to honor himself, and now he says he wants to do that again in 2020.

His enormous ego and narcissism seem to come from childhood experiences when his father criticized him cruelly.  Now Trump repeats that by cruelly criticizing and deliberately hurting other people.  Even during his 2016 campaign — and ever since — he has been urging violence against people who disagree with him.

His enormous ego and narcissism seem to be his ways of coping with a subconscious unawareness of the truth that he really is INCOMPETENT and is a FRAUD.  But instead of dealing with those subconscious feelings in a mature, constructive way (therapy, etc.), he is in massive denial, and he vents his dysfunctional feelings by hurting other people — and by hurting the world around him.

Trump seems hell-bent to destroy things!

He pulled out of the Paris climate agreement and the Iran nuclear deal.  He destroys treaties that had been keeping us safe.  He has vigorously tried to take away people’s health care — even during this pandemic — and he keeps cutting programs that feed hungry people.  He is destroying the environment.  He wants to destroy the U.S. Postal Service.  He wants more nuclear weapons, and he has changed official U.S. policies so it will be easier for him to launch a nuclear war.


More evidence:

We must ask seriously about Trump’s mental condition:


The video at this link was produced in 2018 and is still valid.  In less than 8 minutes, this video asks seriously about Trump’s mental fitness to hold office:


Mental health professionals must alert the public when a president is seriously mentally ill.  The article at the following link has a misleading title. Instead, it deals with the responsibility of mental health professionals to alert the public when a president has serious mental health issues. This pertains to the controversy within the mental health profession. This issue should lead to a 25th Amendment effort.  Here is this article:


In late August 2019 this article explains that Trump’s mental health is worsening. His mental illness had become more and more obvious.  The article says that in any other field of work – a business executive, airline pilot, chief surgeon, etc. – if someone were acting as crazy as Trump is acting, responsible professionals would find a way to get him out of power. But journalists and politicians do not know how to deal with Trump:


This report from August 12, 2019, documents analysts who said the frequency of Donald Trump’s lies has increased to the alarming rate of 20 per day.  Trump’s increase in lying shows he is feeling defensive and/or he is campaigning for re-election.  This short article exposes his lies:


Trump is FAR, FAR TOO CRAZY to be president. See the evidence I posted to my blog in late August 2019. These are links to powerfully informative articles and a few videos:


Psychiatrists lambaste Trump’s mental health and ability.  See this article from May 2019:


Thousands of mental health professionals are alarmed about Trump’s mental health!  See this information from May 2019.  The World Mental Health Coalition ( is a new organization of thousands of mental health professionals who are alarmed about Donald Trump’s mental health.  They produced a book – and now this new report about what the Mueller Report reveals about trump’s mental health: This report is only five paragraphs long, starting with this paragraph:

Washington, DC, April 25, 2019 — Leading psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health experts have released a “report on the Mueller report,” highlighting its extensive documentation of Donald Trump’s psychological characteristics that point to dangerousness and incapacity to serve in his office. Beyond previous reports of actions and statements, the Mueller report shows the more compelling patterns of impulsivity, recklessness, a lack of firm grip on reality, manipulation of advisors, absorption in self-interest that overrides national interest, inability to consider consequences before taking action, paranoid reactions, an attraction to violence, and an absence of empathy, as well as apparent cognitive and memory difficulties. Without diagnosing, these make the President clearly a danger in his role as Commander in Chief and one on whom the world relies for steady and wise actions in international affairs.

Here is the article’s fourth paragraph:  Seldom do mental health professionals have the quantity of detailed information the Mueller report provides of an individual’s behavior, verified with the caliber of a criminal investigation of the highest order. Now, we can state with a high level of confidence, based on data that vastly exceed what we ordinarily have in clinical practice, that the evidence of the president’s mental incapacity is overwhelming.

The mental health professionals end their brief report by urging Trump to undergo “a formal evaluation by a panel of independent experts.”


Americans must come together for a psychiatric intervention to stop Trump’s abuse and destructive behaviors.


How could the public organize and conduct a psychiatric intervention? When a local person is a danger to himself and others, that person’s friends and family gather enough people-power for an “intervention” to force the person to stop his/her abuse and destructive behaviors.  It would be fun to propose this model at the national level.  The 25th Amendment actually allows for that, but the 25th Amendment must be invoked and acted upon by people in the Administration and other top levels of the federal government.


Yes, Trump needs an ‘intervention.’  It’s called an Impeachment Inquiry.  But the House Democrats were far, far too timid.  Instead of impeaching Trump for his many, many crimes and violations of the Constitution, the ONLY thing that moved House Democrats to impeach him was when Trump tried to dig up dirt on a Democratic politician (Joe Biden).  See this article from May 24, 2019:













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