Trump’s scheme to INCREASE gun sales to people in other countries

In July 2018 Trump proposed something that would INCREASE GUN VIOLENCE IN OTHER COUNTRIES.  His proposal would INCREASE crime and terrorism and violence by oppressive governments.

Trump proposes moving export license oversight for firearms from the Department of State to the Department of Commerce.  This is not merely a benign reshuffling of bureaucratic functioning.  It would create the illusion that firearms are just another commercial commodity for the Department of Commerce to rubber-stamp its approval in support of promoting exports from U.S. businesses.

Actually, firearms are TOOLS OF VIOLENCE that criminals, terrorists and dictators use for violating other people’s human rights and for killing people.  Until Trump came along and refused to fill many, many crucial vacancies, the State Department has spent decades paying attention to what’s going on in other countries — who the criminals and terrorists and oppressors are — so the State Department should continue its oversight power in order to prevent Trump’s huge increase in violence in other countries.

But human rights and safety are not Trump’s political base.  Gun manufacturers are.  So he is promoting export of guns without adequate oversight.

Trump’s proposed rule change would treat semiautomatic assault rifles as “non-military.” WHAT BALONEY!!!  U.S. troops routinely use their military rifles in semiautomatic mode.  Foreign militaries and TERRORISTS use them.  TRUMP WANTS FOREIGN DICTATORS AND TERRORISTS TO GET EASIER ACCESS TO GUNS!!!

The proposed rule also eliminates Congressional oversight for important gun export deals. WE NEED OVERSIGHT!!!

The rule IMPOSES COSTS UPON TAXPAYERS that gun manufacturers should pay (costs of processing licenses).  This is yet one more favor to gun manufacturers and one more rip-off for U.S. taxpayers.

The rule allows unchecked gun production in the U.S. and exports abroad by removing the block on 3D printing of firearms.

The American people need to pay attention.