Trump’s new war for oil in northern Syria

Trump keeps screwing up.

Trump keeps deceiving people.

Everything he does is only for his own benefit.

He fooled some people into thinking he was withdrawing troops from Syria as a matter of a principled peace policy.  Actually, he was screwing our allies in his “America First” isolationism — except that he is really abusing our foreign and military policies in order to help his pals Erdogan (the brutal authoritarian who runs Turkey) and Putin (’nuff said!) and in order to pursue a war for oil in Northern Syria.

See this:


No, Trump Isn’t Bringing US Troops Home
Not those in Syria and not any of the 60,000 soldiers spread across the Mideast

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There Was a Smart, Progressive Way to Withdraw From Syria

Representative Ro Khanna explains how the president’s disregard for diplomacy has failed the Kurds and prospects for real and lasting peace.  See this smart article:


Tell Congress: Deploying troops in Syria to “protect oil” is unconstitutional.