Trump’s federal budget proposal urges more military violence, less diplomacy

The U.S.’s horribly violent foreign policy has long had bi-partisan support.  No matter which party is in the White House or which party dominates Congress, they have been funding the U.S. military threaten and dominate the rest of the world.  Also, they have typically treated various kinds of international issues as needing the U.S. military to seek violent solutions rather than understand what’s really going on and solve the problems.  For example, people really do have legitimate interests in national self-determination, in opposing their U.S.-supported dictators, in gaining farm land for self-sufficiency, etc.

Trump’s proposal for the next Fiscal Year’s budget escalates the traditional bi-partisan militarism to new extremes, both with conventional military weapons and with nuclear weapons.  (See information about his 2018 Nuclear Posture Review in this blog’s “Nuclear Weapons” category.)

Here is some information about Trump’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2019:

–> In February 2018 the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL,, the highly respected Quaker-based national lobby) issued this about Trump’s budget request:  An Immoral Document – The president released his budget request:  It calls for massive increases in Pentagon spending financed by deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, and diplomacy.

–> On February 12, 2018, Common Dreams published this about Trump’s budget proposal:  www./  Trump’s morally bankrupt budget slashes even more from safety net than his tax scam gave to extremely rich people.

–> On February 13, 2018, Common Dreams published this:  This article says Trump’s budget would KILL thousands of Americans.

–> Trump’s budget would KILL Americans for lack of food and health care.  You can sign a petition through Daily Kos ( opposing Trump’s budget priorities.  See information and the petition at this link:

–> Trump’s budget proposal would provide MORE money for nuclear weapons, but LESS to clean up nuclear waste.  See

–> The National Priorities Project ( is an excellent source of information about military spending vs. better ways to spend our federal tax dollars.  They produced this pie chart about Trump’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2019:




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