Trump’s FBI, etc., go after blacks, Muslims, etc., but largely ignore white nationalists and right-wing terrorists

The term “terrorist” has been slanted to make people think of Muslims.

The term “gang” has been slanted to make people think of Blacks or Latinos.

But actually, nearly all of the mass shooters have been white, and many of them have been RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS (some quoting Trump’s rhetoric) who targeted the groups that the Trump regime and other propagandists have been pressuring the public to fear and hate (LGBTQ folks, Muslims, Jews, etc.), along with random people.

If we want to stop the epidemic of mass shootings — and hate crimes — we must look at who is committing those crimes.  Right-wing extremists, white nationalists, anti-gay hate groups, anti-Muslim groups are breeding grounds for hate crimes and mass shootings.

See this information about white nationalists and shootings (Aug 5 2019):


But Trump’s federal government agencies (FBI, etc.) are LARGELY IGNORING those, and instead spying on Black groups, oil pipeline protesters, and so forth.  See information and sign a petition at this link:


However, this FBI Director said most domestic terror is being committed by white supremacists:!&utm_campaign=a10c0ae633-Daily_Digest_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fa2346a853-a10c0ae633-190173205


A former FBI official said the FBI is reluctant to probe white supremacists because Trump considers them his base.  See this article:


When the Department of Homeland Security wanted to prioritize fighting domestic terrorism, Trump rebuffed them.  See this article:



Public Citizen (www, says Trump IS RESPONSIBLE for mass shootings.  The great non-profit organization wrote, “Between his steady stream of vile and hateful words, and his refusal to act on meaningful gun violence prevention bills, President Donald Trump bears responsibility.”   On August 5, 2019, they offered this petition about this:









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