Trump’s EPA rollback of fuel efficiency standards WASTES OUR MONEY!!!

Trump and his EPA are rolling back America’s Clean Car Standards.  The clean car standards are a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL policy that have improved clean air and public health.

Rolling back Clean Car Standards serves no practical purpose whatsoever!  Rolling back fuel efficiency will DELIBERATELY FORCE US TO WASTE $457 BILLION between now and 2050 because vehicles will be less efficient.  (See for information and a link through which you can e-mail Congress.)  This proves that the Trump regime is extremely corrupt and is subservient to Big Oil.

Also, Trump’s EPA plans to revoke California’s authority to use stricter safeguards, shared by 13 other states, including Washington State.

The non-profit org Climate Hawks Vote (see link above) reports:  “The extra carbon emissions created by 2030 would be equal to the entire annual emissions of Canada.  It’s a huge gift to the oil industry. The average consumer will pay $3,200 to $5,700 more for gas over the car’s lifetime if this proposal goes fully into effect.”

Rolling back the Clean Car Standards also proves that the Trump regime does not care a damn about public health and is NOT “pro-life,” but  them back is willing to make people sick — and kill people — in order to enrich the greedy oil companies.

But this is one more way for Trump to negate Obama’s accomplishments.  Trump a SOCIOPATH who is so vindictive and so corrupt that he is willing to hurt our nation in order to rebuff Obama.

We must protect our climate and our pocketbooks from Trump’s extreme corruption and cruelty.

We must pressure Congress to take responsibility and force the EPA to do its job.

Please sign the petition at the Climate Hawks Vote link above.  Thank you.