Trump wants to start WAR against Iran. Here are some info resources.

Trump’s recent actions show he is gearing up to START A WAR against Iran. Appointing John Bolton to be Trump’s national security advisor has alarmed a great many people. Bolton is an extremely dangerous person who pushes for more wars. His lies helped George W. Bush start his horrible war against Iraq. I will be posting information to my blog – – so you can learn more.

My blog has a section on Iran. You might want to read several items there, including this recent post:

You can also watch my interview with two Iranian-Americans at the time of Iran’s 2013 election. This was the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program. It is very informative! You can watch it and/or read a summary of what we said at this link:

I have posted these and more information about Iran at the specific part of my blog that provides information about Iran:

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