Trump, Republicans and conservatives keep making the pandemic WORSE AND WORSE!

Republicans are NOT “pro-life.”  They keep sacrificing people’s lives to the Coronavirus pandemic in order to help businesses produce and sell.

Trump, Republicans and conservatives show horrible negativity and denialism against the honest science that we need in order to save our lives.

Here are just a few examples from late June 2020:

This article explains the late June 2020 surge in new Coronavirus cases:


Trump’s crazy psychology: Zero empathy for victims. Coronavirus victims are simply “losers.” And more …

Although we know a lot about Trump’s bizarre psychology, this article provides more information:


New COVID cases reach record highs, but Trump is moving to ELIMINATE FEDERAL SUPPORT FOR TESTING SITES:

The two Democratic U.S. Senators from Washington State are generally very moderate, but Patty Murray was uncharacteristically explicit in condemning Trump’s recklessness:

“The pandemic is clearly getting worse in states nationwide — and instead of trying harder to stop it, President Trump is apparently trying harder to hide it,” said Murray. “It’s completely unacceptable that while billions in federal dollars Congress passed to support testing sit unspent, this administration is closing testing sites in states where new Covid-19 cases are rapidly on the rise.”


Trump’s Arizona Rally Confirms His COVID Policy Is Driven Only by His Ego:


Right-wing extremists Trump & Bolsonaro DENY SCIENCE and cause U.S. and Brazil to have the WORST Coronavirus case numbers:


Trump Willing to Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Americans in Effort to Win Election:

If 100% of the population would simply wear masks when they go out, evidence shows, the rate of transmission falls below 1 and the number of cases dwindles. Why don’t so many people? Because the president has told them not to.


Pence Urges Governors to Parrot Trump’s Lie That Spikes in Covid-19 Cases Largely Caused by Increase in Testing:

The article says: “This dishonesty has caused increased deaths and will cause more. They are effectively killing people for perceived political gain.”


Trump/Pence lying to Americans to cover up their failure to deal with Coronavirus:

Tuesday June 16, 2020:  This info came from The Progress Report (via CAP Action) <>:

Trump and his allies keep lying to the American people about the coronavirus in an attempt to cover up the Administration’s failed management of the crisis. Yesterday, Trump flat-out said that “if we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.” Then, during his speech today, he reiterated his desire to quickly reopen the country despite reports of rising new coronavirus cases and expert warnings that another surge is imminent. Mike Pence followed suit, urging governors to echo his false claim that increased testing is the reason for spikes in cases and penning an op-ed today titled “There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave.'” Let’s get the facts straight: the pandemic is not over.

The paragraph above includes these links:


Trump told his people to REDUCE testing in order to slow the number of reported cases:


Anatomy of a man-made disaster: Here are 370 ways Donald Trump failed to keep us safe from the coronavirus:

This article is VERY LONG and thorough, so I did not read all of it, but you can read various parts and understand the message:.













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