Trump politicized “Voice of America” for his benefit. Biden promptly undid that corruption and supported whistleblowers..

For decades one of the U.S.’s ways of propagandizing the rest of the world on behalf of the U.S.’s political agenda has been the “Voice of America.”  While basically pro-U.S., VOA did allow other views.  In fact, in November 1974, a month after I quit my job in a Washington State welfare office because the welfare system is abusive in many ways to poor people, VOA interviewed me for a worldwide broadcast they would make soon.  I was invited to explain the economic injustices of the U.S.’s welfare system.  Apparently, the VOA did have some fair-mindedness as they sought to be seen as credible in the world community.

In early 2021 — just two hours after President Biden took office — a major victory occurred at VOA and another federal agency, the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM).  Trump had perverted both agencies for his own egocentric and political biases.  But less than two hours after Biden took office, he reversed the Trumpian perversion.  Trump had fired competent professionals and installed his cronies in the top positions.  Biden fired the CEOs of both agencies — and their Trumpian deputies — and replaced them with actual whistleblowers who had been represented by the Government Accountability Project (GAP,

My February 2022 TV program featured GAP and explained the powerful role of whistleblowers in stopping abuses.  You can watch the TV interview and/or read the thorough summary of what we said at this link: