Trump, politicians, media mislead the public about immigrants

Trump’s 2016 political campaign rhetoric and lies about immigrants have continued in subsequent years.  Many other politicians act as if Trump’s lies were true.

Mainstream media have failed to correct Trump’s lies, so most Americans seem to believe them.

There is NOT a flood of immigrants entering the U.S. from Mexico.  Actually, the numbers dropped 90% from 1.7 million in 2005 to only 170,000 in 2015.  Also, more Mexican people are LEAVING the U.S. and moving to Mexico than vice versa.

Most people who are here illegally did NOT come from our southern border.  Most came here on tourist visas, worker visas, or student visas, and simply stayed after their visas expired.  They have come here from many European nations, Asian nations, and elsewhere.  They arrived at our airports, not by crossing our southern border.

Trump’s rhetoric about immigration — just like everything else he says — is not about understanding problems and solving them.  It is about stirring up fear and anger and racism for his own selfish political purposes and in order to hurt vulnerable people.

Ethical politicians and mainstream media have utterly failed to expose and correct Trump’s lies.  They have failed to set the record straight.  Their negligence hurts our nation.  We need better politicians and better media.