Trump plans more executions before Jan. 20. Sign petition to STOP THIS EXECUTION scheduled for TUES JAN 12!

A few months ago Trump and his Attorney General William Barr scheduled MANY executions to occur before Trump’s scheduled end of office on January 20, 2021.  The federal death penalty is every bit as cruel and unjust as the death penalty that is allowed by various states’ laws.

A growing number of states have abolished the death penalty, some other states have moratoriums on actually conducting executions, and some other states have retained their death penalty law but never use it.  Executions do occur in several states.  For information about the federal death penalty, state-by-state information, methods of execution, problems, etc., see

The death penalty is used ESPECIALLY against poor people, racial minorities, and people with mental disabilities.  One example of the latter is the person Trump plans to kill soon.  (BELOW I’M PROVIDING A LINK TO A PETITION YOU CAN SIGN.)

Recently Lisa Montgomery’s execution was reported to be put on hold, but now the order was reversed and Lisa’s TUESDAY JANUARY 12, 2021, execution date was reinstated.

Though this most recent decision is still subject to appeal, we urge you to take action now to oppose this execution. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.  This petition was written by a Catholic organization, so — especially if you are not Catholic — you may edit the wording.  I always edit this organization’s petition wording. 


ALSO SEE THIS information about some more executions Trump has scheduled to occur before January 20, 2021:

Since the summer of 2020 the federal government has EXECUTED TEN PERSONS after a very long period of time in which no federal executions had taken place.  Not TRUMP PLANS TO EXECUTE THREE MORE PERSONS NEXT WEEK.  See this:  Three more executions  Also you can CLICK HERE to take action to oppose these executions.  You might want to edit the wording, especially if you are not Catholic.