Trump needs to be President again in order to provide legal protection from accountability

I don’t think I ever posted this to my blog until now.  I wrote this blog post while Trump was President and people were pushing to impeach him and drive him out of office, so the headline I had prepared for this blog post was this:

If Trump were to leave office, he’d face many prosecutions and prison sentences. EXPECT HIS COUP & CHAOS to escalate!

Now much of this blog post is still relevant a few years after I had written it:


For years now, many psychologists and psychologists have exposed Trump’s extreme mental disabilities, including his narcissism (manipulating everything to serve his own ego, wealth and power) and his sociopathic personality (his pleasure in making other people suffer) and his obsession with destroying things (truth, the environment, international treaties, the U.S. Postal Service, the rule of law, and constitutional democracy itself).  Se relevant blog posts at my blog’s section on “Trump and Trumpism” —

During the past four years, much evidence has been made public about Trump’s MANY, MANY SERIOUS CRIMES.  While President he has been immune from prosecution.  If he were to leave office, the floodgates would open.  Trump’s ego would do everything possible — including refusing to leave office and finishing the coup that he has been building for quite a while now.

In many ways Republicans have been suppressing people’s right to vote.  Trump appointed a Postmaster General who has been deliberately sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service, and Trump has been spreading lies that voting by mail is bad.  Trump has said and done many things to fool the public into distrusting elections.  Trump has been waging a war against honest journalism for more than four years and has fooled many people into believing Trump and his social media baloney instead of honest journalism.

Since Trump fears prosecution and prison, expect him to refuse to accept Biden’s victory, expect him to urge his heavily armed thugs to cause chaos and violence, and expect him to blame Democrats, African Americans, journalists, etc.

If Trump can provoke violence, he can play his “law and order” card and use local police and the armed federal officers who are under his control to violently try to suppress dissent.  WE MUST PRACTICE ABSOLUTE NONVIOLENCE in order to prevent Trump from frightening the public into supporting his crackdown!

Bold, profoundly nonviolent resistance will be necessary if we want to protect the U.S. Constitution and our freedom and democracy.




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