Trump keeps committing MORE and MORE impeachable offenses!

Trump took office in January 2017.  He has CONTINUOUSLY been BREAKING LAWS and VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION in many, many ways.  The U.S. Constitution provides a remedy for that:  IMPEACHMENT.

The Constitution provides that the U.S. House of Representatives is responsible for starting the impeachment process.  Trump committed MANY, MANY impeachable offenses, but the Democrats who have been running the House KEPT REFUSING to take the action that was necessary in order to protect honest, constitutional democracy from Trump’s repeated abuses.  Finally, the ONLY thing that upset the House Democrats was when Trump bullied Ukraine’s government to say it was digging up dirt on a Democratic politician, Joe Biden.

The House’s impeachment effort was VERY TIMID — and could easily be perceived as MERELY PARTISAN rather than principled.  The Republican-dominated Senate REFUSED to consider evidence and REFUSED to hear witnesses testify.  Indeed, powerful Republican Senators DECLARED TRUMP TOTALLY INNOCENT even before the impeachment trial occurred.

The Democrats’ incompetent behavior gave Trump’s popularity ratings a boost.  Democrats have shied away from holding Trump accountable in the way prescribed by the U.S. Constitution.  As a result, Trump has ESCALATED his criminal behaviors and his violations of federal and international laws and his violations of the U.S. Constitution.

Now here we are in May 2020 with Trump still likely to be re-elected.

If Democrats — and the American people and news media — had any principles we would hold Trump accountable and IMPEACH HIM FOR HIS MANY CONTINUING IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES.

Here are just a few examples:

“The Lawbreaker-in-Chief”:

Recently I posted a collection of laws trump has broken.  Here is that post:


How Trump is turning the American presidency into a dictatorship:


Trump’s corruption and cover-ups continue: He drops case against Michael Flynn:


Trump says this pandemic as a war, so he is a “war president.”  If so, then Trump is a “war criminal” because his incompetence and malice are leading to countless deaths. He must be brought to justice:


Americans are dying from COVID-19 because Trump’s cronyism and corruption are preventing people from getting PPE:


Trump keeps firing whistleblowers and others who refuse to lie for him:

Late Friday night May 1, 2020, Trump replaced acting Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services Christi Grimm.  She was doing her job well, but she refused to lie in defense of Trump’s incompetence.  Christi Grimm told the truth about crucial supply shortages in a report. Trump, embarrassed, called it a “Fake Dossier” and made its author his target — asking reporters at a press conference to “find me his name.”  It turns out the inspector general was actually a she, but not anymore — she’s now been replaced by a handpicked Trump ally.  Trump is persisting with his war against truth — his war against accountability — his war against honest government.  He demands utterly subservient “yes men.”  Trump is NOT “making America great.”  Trump is making America CORRUPT, STUPID, SICK — and a dictatorship.  But the Democrats refuse to impeach him, as the Constitution requires for such behavior!


The Constitution EXPLICITLY PROHIBITS this, but Trump does it anyway — and Democrats REFUSE to obey the Constitution’s call for impeaching trump because of his VIGOROUS VIOLATION of the “emoluments” clause:  Trump owns stock in a company making the drug he has been vigorously promoting as a cure:

Recently I posted information about this at this blog link:


The items above came from mid-April to mid-May 2020.  Many more examples of IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES were reported earlier than mid-May.  Democrats ONLY PRETEND to be an opposition party when they allow Republican Trump to COMMIT MANY IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES without being held accountable as the Constitution requires.
















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