Trump is INCOMPETENT in many foreign policy blunders.

Poll: Germans see Trump as greater threat to World Peace than Putin, Xi, Kim, Iran’s Khamenei:


Retired four-star admiral: 100 percent chance that Trump got played by North Korea:


Trump tried to bully South Korea. Then Trump’s negotiators walked out of talks. Then South Korea signed defense agreement with China.  Trump once again shows how utterly incompetent he is at negotiating and making deals:


Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Trump got “played” by Netanyahu:


American consumers will have to pay the $72 BILLION in Trump’s tariffs.  A CNBC news report in May 2019 stated that Trump’s existing tariffs are equivalent to one of the largest tax increases in decades. An analysis of data from the Treasury Department ranked the $72 billion in tariff revenue (borne by U.S. consumers) as effectively the biggest tax increase since 1993. A former Treasury official estimated the tariffs will cost the median household earning $61,000 about $500 a year. 

The cartoon at this link provides smart insight into Trump’s actions about tariffs:


Trump is incompetent at foreign policy. His people are calling the shots in Iran, etc.:


A former NATO Supreme Allied Commander said Trump is “undercutting our most powerful appeal” of American values and human rights:


The list goes on and on.  Trump is UTTERLY INCOMPETENT in foreign affairs, as he is in everything else.