Trump is INCOMPETENT. He can only barely read. He cannot think clearly.

Trump was born into a rich family, so he relied on his inherited wealth instead of developing his own knowledge or skills.  Instead, he became a spoiled brat and a bully who picked on people he perceived as weaker than himself.  He focused on self-promotion and creating the fictitious image that he was a smart businessman (even though he used his daddy’s money and went bankrupt many times).  Trump became a con artist — a flimflam man — who defrauded people, refused to pay people who worked for him, etc., etc.

Other posts on this part of my blog provide information about his severe mental illnesses.  He is far too dangerous to have political power.

Much evidence exists that he is INCOMPETENT, in addition to his repeated bankruptcies and the notorious failure to provide decent leadership for the U.S. government.  He has left many high-level governmental positions vacant or with “acting” officials instead of permanent appointees.  One reason is his incompetence, but another reason is his Republican Party obsession with preventing government from functioning or solving problems.



Mainstream media failed to report on this evidence while Trump was running for office (starting in June 2015) or after he was elected.  Much evidence does exist.  Here are a few examples showing that his reading ability is at or below the 4th grade level.  His thinking ability seems likewise severely limited.

He seems unable to frame a coherent thought or write a coherent paragraph.  His tweets are simplistic — like governing by bumper sticker slogans.  Trump is somewhat less articulate than a duck.

This 12-minute video raises concerns about his inability to read:

So does this follow-up report (another 12-minute video):

On at least one occasion when he was appearing at a presidential event when he should have expected to be competence, somebody asked him to read something, but he said he forgot his glasses.  Anybody who has worked with illiterate people knows that illiterate people often say they forgot their glasses so they won’t have to admit that they can’t read.


More evidence that Trump can only barely read:

See information in this article:

See this segment of a TV program questioning his ability to read:


Trump does not read actual documents. He watches Fox News and blurts out their nonsense.

Trump isolates himself, ignores advisors, watches TV, trusts his own gut instincts


The Associated Press fact-checked Trump and showed his ignorance, intellectual laziness, and hostility toward the truth.










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