Trump does something that Nazi Dr. Mengele did at a concentration camp: separate family members from each other

Today I posted a blog item comparing Trump’s rhetoric and policies with Hitler’s when Hitler was gaining power.  Although those two differ in their cruelty, the similarities are striking.

One similarity is that a high-ranking Nazi official, Dr. Mengele, worked at a Nazi concentration camp where many thousands of Jews and other “undesirable” people arrived, and Mengele broke families apart. He sent some family members to suffer in the camp, and he sent other members of the same families to die in the ovens.

Although Trump is not conducting mass slaughter like Trump did, Trump has deliberately and hatefully targeted another ethnic group for systematic cruelty. Trump is deliberately breaking Latino immigrant families apart, imprisoning children and their parents in different concentration camps, and is denying them due process.

Trump does not read books, but it has been widely reported that he read about Hitler’s strategies for gaining power.  For the truly startling and disturbing similarities between Trump and Hitler, see this blog post: