Trump acts like a neo-fascist dictator. Here are a few articles from April and early May 2020.

Everybody knows the old story about putting a frog in water and warming it slowly enough that the frog won’t notice the change from one moment to the next, so it won’t jump out of the water, but after a while the frog has been cooked to death.

That familiar story seems to pertain to the U.S. under Trump and his loyal supporters in the Executive Branch and Congress.  Here are some alarming stories about what Trump and Trumpism are doing to our nation:


How Trump is turning the American presidency into a dictatorship:


The U.S. is getting closer to NEO-FASCIST AUTHORITARIANISM:


Trump keeps bullying Republican senators even when they try to act rationally:


Americans are now officially at war with a sociopathic monster named Donald Trump:


This smart, insightful article makes a solid, well-informed case with how absolutely horrible and dangerous Trump is.
Then it goes on to expose Biden as a horrible, weak candidate.  I encourage people to read Jeremy Scahill’s terrific article here:


Trump and Hannity rewrite history to make Trump look like a brilliant, strong leader:





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