This thoughtful, informative article supports the Green New Deal as sensible economics and good for the climate

This article compares the Green New Deal with FDR’s original New Deal. It sees similarities with the Great Depression, but also differences. (For example, the Great Depression was the overriding single issue that dominated national discussion, and nobody denied the existence of the Great Depression, in contrast to the rich, powerful “deniers” of the climate crisis.)

Let’s draw upon another similarity. The article says, “The New Deal was made possible by mass movements of insurgent industrial workers, the unemployed, farmers facing foreclosure and ruin, urban dwellers facing eviction, and small businessmen facing extinction, among others.” A few paragraphs later the article calls for “an insurgent labor movement.”

The article says that the Green New Deal would provide huge economic benefits, but despite its huge size, the Green New Deal is actually very sensible, just like the original New Deal was.

This article is well worth reading:




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