This smart strategy could help REDUCE GUN VIOLENCE

Public opinion polls keep showing OVERWHELMING PUBLIC SUPPORT for several kinds of strong, common-sense laws and policies to reduce gun violence.  The laws propose such remedies as:

• Restricting access to high-capacity magazines
• Requiring background checks for ammunition sales
• Addressing the intersection of alcohol abuse and gun violence
• Keeping kids safe from guns where they learn and play
• Supporting community-based violence prevention programs

All of those are good ways to reduce gun violence.  But all of those focus on THE GUNS THEMSELVES and IGNORE THE LARGER CONTEXT in which the U.S. government PERSISTENTLY SUPPORTS SHOOTING!

The U.S.’s VIOLENT, MILITARISTIC FOREIGN POLICY mistakenly assumes that shooting people solves problems!

Our federal government spends BILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS to promote the mistaken notion that SHOOTING PEOPLE SOLVES PROBLEMS!

The federal government SETS A BAD EXAMPLE for ordinary people who follow the govt’s example that SHOOTING PEOPLE would solve their problems!

People — and organizations — that REALLY want to stop gun violence should STRENGTHEN THE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT AGAINST OUR MILITARISTIC FOREIGN POLICY!



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