This context explains Trump’s refusal to protect us from Coronavirus and Trump’s destruction of governmental functioning

You already know that Trump and his entire Executive Branch have utterly refused to deal effectively with the Coronavirus pandemic. The reason is NOT ONLY because they are stupid and incompetent.

Another crucially important reason for their failure is that Trump and Republicans believe the government should NOT solve problems and should NOT help people. They have been SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYING GOVERNMENT bit by bit. We see it especially now.


I wrote a SHORT ARTICLE explaining this:

Our society is suffering in many, many ways. The problems are all around us — and they are interconnected. They are rooted in a worldview that has been dominating the U.S. (and some other nations) increasingly in recent decades.

I wrote a SHORT ARTICLE that Works in Progress ( published, summarizing a few of the main points in the longer article linked below:

WIP article for Aug 2019 — Who’s in Charge

I wrote a THOROUGH ARTICLE that fleshes out the worldview that causes Trump and Republicans to SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROY GOVERNMENT and to REFUSE to solve problems.  I summarized it in a recent TV program and fleshed it out much further at THIS LINK:

Worldviews PART 1 — November 2018 — What I said PLUS MORE info and resources