This clever diagram can help us strategize how to change to a peaceful foreign policy.

For a very long time the U.S. had a “War Department,” but we conducted very few foreign wars.

In 1947 Congress changed it to the “Department of Defense,” and we have conducted many, many wars since then, including our 2-decades-long Endless War against “terrorism.”

Sensible people want to replace the U.S.’s chronically aggressive and violently militaristic foreign policy.

The diagram linked here can help us figure out strategies for doing that.  It is fun to bring a few friends together to work through this exercise together.  Also, it can be useful for you to work with it alone.  Creative insights are fun to generate.  We can act upon some of the best ideas.

Open this, print it out, and use it:

Pillars — HANDOUT for group exercise about militaristic foreign policy