These short videos call for impeaching Trump.

In just 32 seconds, this video shows Robert Mueller giving clear answers to questions about Trump’s behavior:


In a little more than 2 minutes, this video provides more compelling information based on Mueller’s investigation.  It briefly explains why Congress ABSOLUTELY MUST impeach Trump.  U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib provided this video:


In 4 1/2 minutes, Robert Reich explains convincingly why we absolutely must impeach Trump in order to protect the Constitution and the separation of powers, to prevent tyranny, etc..  This short video explains that our nation’s founders created the Constitution in order to prevent tyranny.  They separated powers between 3 branches.  They created the impeachment mechanism so we can enforce the Constitution against a president who tries to place himself above the law and to usurp the powers of the other branches of government.  Here is the short video:


In just 82 seconds, U.S. Representative Katie Porter provided this short video calling for Congress to impeach Trump:


NOW A SHORT, FUNNY VIDEO:  In less than 4 minutes, the folk group Emma’s Revolution performs their song “So Impeachable,” based on a familiar tune but with new impeachment-oriented words.  Enjoy this short video: