These savvy, practical insights can reach and convince the public about our issues

I’ve been working with some people who want to “nationalize” an industry that has been owned by capitalists for many decades.  Several members of that group pointed out that calling for “nationalizing” it can leave us open to accusations of being “socialists” or “communists.”  They said that INSTEAD we should call for “public ownership,” which sounds more democratic and practical.

I agree that it is crucially important to frame this issue with the appealing term “public ownership.”

I wrote an article about the overall concept of how to choose our terminology to reach out effectively to the public and bring them onto our sides.  SEE THE LINK BELOW for insightful and practical information about “framing” and “re-framing” the issues.  I wrote this and encourage everyone to share it to help strengthen the movement for all kinds of progressive issues.

Framing our issues smartly can win public acceptance and avoid problems








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