These articles support a clean “green” energy future

Yes, We Can Electrify Almost Everything. Here’s What That Looks Like.

National lab wraps up groundbreaking project on electrifying the economy:


These two items support a clean energy future:

Mark Jacobson (from Stanford) succinctly makes the point that we already have the technology we need to displace all fossil fuel use, so we do not have to wait for technological revolutions to move ahead.  This article takes less than five minutes to read:

Amory Lovins (from the Rocky Mountain Institute) spoke to Congress.  He explained that nuclear power is NOT the solution.  It costs more and takes longer than using energy efficiency and renewable energy to achieve zero carbon emissions.  (If you want to read a long article he wrote in the late 1970s, ask me for a paper copy that I can give you.  This presentation to Congress runs about twenty minutes:


Renewable energy sources are making nuclear power irrelevant:


The Washington State Dept. of Commerce awarded millions of dollars million for solar projects that will help low-income communities: