The U.S. has been abusing Iran since 1941.

Since 1979 the U.S. government and mainstream news media have been demonizing Iran.  This blog post provides information that they do not want you to know.


THE BAD NEWS:  This article summarizes U.S. meddling in Iran since 1941:

THE GOOD NEWS:  Iran’s people nonviolently overthrew the U.S.’s heavily armed dictator in 1979.


In 1953 Iran’s people democratically elected a new prime minister, Mohammad Mossadegh.  Until then, Britain and other Western powers had been reaping huge profits from the oil that belonged to the Iranian people.  Big Oil’s rip-off left Iran’s people poor.  Prime Minister Mossadegh took action to nationalize Iranian oil so the Iranian people would benefit from the profits, but the British and American governments did not want that, so the CIA and Britain’s equivalent agency (M16) overthrew the democracy and installed the Shah.  The U.S. and Britain overthrew Iran’s democracy and installed an extremely brutal dictator, the Shah, who ruled with a violent, oppressive iron fist.

The U.S. provided enormous amounts of military weapons – including our most sophisticated jet fighter planes, etc., – to help the Shah brutally dominate Iran’s people for 26 years until he was overthrown in 1979 by a nonviolent revolution.

In the early 1970s everybody knew the U.S. was losing the Vietnam War, so Nixon and Kissinger changed U.S. foreign policy to vigorously arm and support regional geopolitical puppets (such as the Shah) to maintain U.S. control over their respective regions so the U.S. would not need to send our own American troops (based on our costly failures in Vietnam).  When the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee studied the extent of U.S. weapons sales to Iran, the Committee declared it “out of control.”

Finally in 1979 the Iranian people rose up and nonviolently protested in the streets until the Shah gave up and left.  During those protests, the Shah’s gigantic military used military helicopters provided by the U.S. to fly low through the streets of Teheran and machine-gun people to death.

The Iranian people disagreed sharply with the U.S. government but never hated the American people as people because they knew the U.S. government did NOT represent American public opinion.


At the top of this blog post I provided a link to an article summarizes U.S. meddling in Iran since 1941.  Here it is again: