The real problem of violence is NOT mental illness. The real problems are ANGER and ACCESS TO GUNS.

When mass shootings occur, many politicians try to shift attention away from the gun and blame the shooter for mental illness.  Yes, our society should provide more adequate funding and services for mental health.  But the problem is not “mental illness” per se.  The problem is ANGER.  Our society needs to explore and implement a wide variety of ways to reduce anger throughout our society.

Consider this article about ANGER:

Do not let gun supporters avoid responsibility for the too-easy access to guns.  They want to blame mentally ill persons.  Instead, we must reduce access to guns, so consider this article about ACCESS TO GUNS:

Thoughtful, humane people need to SHIFT THE PUBLIC CONVERSATION away from blaming mentally ill persons to focusing on the rampant ANGER in our society and the EASY ACCESS TO GUNS that allow shootings to occur.