The media keep failing to hold Trump accountable. Sign this petition.

During 2015-2016 mainstream news media gave Trump billions of dollars of free publicity.  They treated his campaign as entertainment and utterly failed to hold him accountable.

Except for some fact-checking, they still let Trump dictate what issues they will cover, and his statements always are in the lead paragraphs.

Now that the Mueller Report has been completed, mainstream news media are obediently repeating the deceptive propaganda voiced by Trump’s Attorney General William Barr.  Barr has a LONG HISTORY OF COVERING UP REPUBLICAN CRIMES, going back to the Reagan era.  That’s why Trump appointed him to be A.G.

Barr “summarized” more than 300 pages into a 4-page document and kept the original document secret.  He is “spinning” the report, and mainstream media are tending to accept his cover-up as an honest summary.

Meanwhile, Trump has threatened media that might want to dig deeper.

CREDO offered a petition that people can sign.  The petition urges news media to stop protecting Trump and investigate Mueller’s conclusions.

Click here to sign the petition: