The 2020 election may hinge on universal healthcare

Public opinion polls keep showing A MAJORITY OF VOTERS demand UNIVERSAL SINGLE-PAYER health care!

But the institutional Democratic Party is NOT LISTENING TO VOTERS!

Biden, Buttigieg, and other “centrists” are really CONSERVATIVES who OPPOSE WHAT THE VOTERS WANT.  Their ANTAGONISM TO THE VOTERS is REPELLING VOTERS away from the Democratic Party.

In order to win, DEMOCRATS MUST INSPIRE VOTERS WITH BOLD PROGRESSIVE PLANS – such as Universal Single-Payer – that will inspire new people to come out and vote Democratic.

Instead, the institutional Democratic Party is ANTAGONIZING AND REPELLING VOTERS by letting conservatives (Biden, Buttigieg, etc.) dominate the party.  “Centrists” such as Biden and Buttigieg are HEAVILY FUNDED BY INSURANCE COMPANIES, BIG PHARMA, ETC., because Democratic “centrists” will PREVENT solving our nation’s health care crisis!

UNIVERSAL SINGLE-PAYER — government payments with ABSOLUTELY NO PRIVATELY OWNED INSURANCE COMPANIES — is the ONLY REAL SOLUTION!  Voters must REPLACE Obamacare and REJECT Buttigieg’s stupid, deceptive scam.  The ONLY presidential candidates with good health care proposals are Sanders and Warren.

Health care must be UNIVERSAL — it must COVER EVERYONE — because the U.S.’s system of tying health care to employment is STUPID, INEFFECTIVE, and DOWNRIGHT CRUEL based on economic inequality!  The U.S.’s system of making health care dependent on your job KILLED MY COUSIN’S SON!  He had a medical condition requiring an expensive prescription. After his employer laid him off he could not afford to re-fill his expensive prescription, so MY COUSIN’S SON DIED TWO DAYS BEFORE HIS NEXT JOB WOULD BEGIN!

We need UNIVERSAL SINGLE-PAYER that will COVER EVERYONE with HIGH QUALITY CARE (including prescriptions, dental, etc.) and NO insurance companies, NO premiums, NO co-pays, NO deductibles!