Support the Mar-a-Lago Dump for Fossil Fuel Sludge and Nuclear Waste

Trump is persisting with his OBSESSION to massively increase oil drilling, coal mining, nuclear power, and nuclear weapons. All of these would MASSIIVELYL INCREASE the amounts of sludge and wastes from those nuclear and fossil fuel operations. The wastes will need to go somewhere. Since Trump is so enthusiastic about those, I’m proposing a gigantic toxic waste dump right next door to his Mar-a-Lago luxury resort in Florida.

Before the Trump era, the Environmental Protection Agency would have prevented such a project. But Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency — which now under Trump PUSHES TO ABUSE THE ENVIRONMENT — have been eliminating environmental protections and converting that agency into the Environmental POLLUTION Agency, so we can count on the new EPA’s full support.

Accordingly, it makes perfect sense to use Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort the perfect location for such an extremely toxic dump of wastes from his mania for coal, oil, and nuclear projects!

Trump has been eager to destroy other people’s ecosystems elsewhere, poison other people’s drinking water sources, and so forth. Let’s see what happens when realities occur close to his own property. Will this be a “teachable moment” for him? Will he suddenly discover some NIMBY (“Not In My Back Yard”) feelings?

After more than 70 years, still NO SOLUTION for old nuclear waste from nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons production.  Trump strongly supports BOTH nuclear power and nuclear weapons, so it makes sense for him to take responsibility — and custody — of the wastes that these produce.  SEE THIS INFORMATION:

Likewise, Trump has VIGOROUSLY been making the climate crisis worse — and the climate crisis will likely expose nuclear waste in vulnerable locations such as the Marshall Islands, so let’s move this waste also to Mar a Lago:

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