STOP TRUMP’S COUP! Here are some of the best resources for information and organizing.

Recently I posted to my blog a short notice that Trump’s coup is ALREADY FAR UNDERWAY and included links to two excellent nationwide organizations working to protect honest democracy from Trump’s coup:

Some very savvy organizers and writers have provided some additional information, resources and encouragement.  The blog post you’re reading now connects you with some of these.

We already know about “denialism.”  Despite much hard evidence, some people deny the climate crisis, Trump and his followers were denying the reality of Coronavirus, and so forth.  Now — again despite much evidence — some people are pretending that Trump is not carrying out a coup against honest democracy and the Constitution.  For months, Republicans at all levels of government have been violating people’s right to vote.  Trump has been telling us not to trust elections.  He has been sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service to interfere with people’s right to vote by mail.  He has been recruiting armed thugs to intimidate voters at polling places and to threaten people nationwide in case Biden wins.  Trump has even said he probably will not admit he lost or make a peaceful transition of power.  We must make sure the American people — and political officials and the media — understand that Trump and the Republican Party REALLY ARE CONDUCTING A COUP, so we must reject the “denialism” that distracts people from taking meaningful actions BOTH BEFORE and AFTER the November 3, 2020, election day.


Here is one of the very best resources to help us deal with this crisis:  “10 Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup”:


Here are THREE MORE excellent resources:


Bill Moyers wrote this about “How to Plan a Coup”:


The Atlantic Magazine published this informative, interesting article about “What if Trump Refuses to Concede”:


How to Defeat Authoritarians:

People around the world have stood up for democracy and truth. Now it’s our turn.


Progressive Groups Are Preparing to Thwart a Possible Trump-Led Coup. Here’s How.

Sometimes democracy needs to be defended in the streets. These grassroots organizations are getting ready:


The Alliance for Democracy ( posted Hold the Line: A Guide To Defending Democracy to help people organize locally now through Election Day. 

It includes actions to take between now and Election Day, agendas for local meetings, what kinds of local connections to make before the election, how to identify infiltrators, and how to keep protests peaceful.


Here are links to MANY MORE RESOURCES about nonviolence from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict:


Another entity offers links to MANY MORE RESOURCES about “people-power” organizing: