STOP this right-wing scam: PREVENT an “Article V” convention to replace the Constitution!!!

One of the MOST DANGEROUS scams the right wing is promoting is to use our Constitution’s Article V to convene a convention to rewrite (and very likely replace) the U.S. Constitution with one that the right wing wants.  This movement has gained enormous support, but it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  It could result in these being written into the U.S. Constitution and enforced by law:

  • Abortion is prohibited by the Constitution
  • Conservative Christianity is the U.S.’s official religion; others — if allowed — would have fewer rights
  • Men are the head of the household; women must be subservient to them
  • White people are entitled to rule over people of color
  • Civil rights laws — including voting rights laws — are abolished
  • The Constitution prohibits recognizing any LGBTQ rights
  • The Constitution prohibits teaching school children about the U.S.’s history of racial injustices
  • Disagreeing with the government is prohibited
  • The Constitution prohibits protesting against fossil fuel projects, pipelines, etc.
  • Right-wing economic policies will replace Social Security, Medicare, and safety-net programs

The list goes on and on.  Once an Article V convention is convened, IT CAN DO ANYTHING IT WANTS.




Many constitutional experts believe that this is the least known but greatest present threat to our democracy.  It has been organized for several years — behind closed doors and out of the public eye.

The Constitution provides that it could be amended if two-thirds of the House and two-thirds of the Senate to vote for a proposed amendment, and the amendment must be ratified by at least three-quarters of the states. HOWEVER, Article V allows a constitutional convention to be convened, which would TOTALLY BYPASS THIS RIGOROUS PROCESS and allow the Constitution to be RE-WRITTEN HOWEVER THE CONVENTION MEMBERS WANT.  The Constitution includes NO RULES for a convention, so most likely the delegates at an Article V convention would be unelected and unaccountable.

Never in U.S. history has such a reckless danger occurred!  RICH, POWERFUL CONSERVATIVES ARE PUSHING HARD to lobby state lawmakers to add their states to the number.  If they’re allowed to succeed, unelected, unaccountable delegates will be able to write their far-right-wing agenda directly into our Constitution!

Common Cause ( is working against it.  Also, see clear information at



See this article from September 2022:


Thom Hartmann wrote this in August 2022.  Here are the headline, the sub-head, and the first four paragraphs:

Republicans have a Plan to Change the Constitution and it Just May Work

If their plan works, they’ll rewrite our Constitution and state governors, the US Congress, and the President will have no say whatsoever in the process.

If you think the Supreme Court overturning abortion rights in this country was radical and shocking, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There was a convention you should know about this past weekend in Denver, funded by some of the wealthiest men and foundations in America, that has received altogether too little publicity.

Imagine if most public schools in the country closed and were replaced by for-profit charter and private academies — often racially segregated and only serving families who could afford their tuition — because the Constitution required federal compulsory education laws and federal funding for education (at all levels) to end.

Imagine if the U.S. Constitution required the EPA, FDA, USDA, DOT, Department of Education, and Department of Labor to shut down. All union protections are dead, there are no more federal workplace safety standards, and even child-labor laws are struck down, along with the national minimum wage and the income tax, both individual and corporate.

Imagine that the Constitution makes it illegal for the federal government to protect you from big polluters, big banks, and even big food and pharma—all are free to rip you off or poison you all they want, and your only remedy is in state courts and legislatures, because the Constitution prevents Congress from doing anything about any of it. The federal government can no longer even enforce voting or civil rights laws.

Thom Hartmann’s entire article is worth reading!  Read it here:














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