Stop gun violence! –> Stop nuclear weapons!

Stop gun violence — Stop nuclear weapons

The link immediately above says this:

Guns are designed to kill one person or dozens.  Nuclear weapons are designed to kill millions or hundreds of millions.

Guns and nuclear weapons are rooted in similar problems:

• Anger and fear cause someone to shoot a gun – and also to build and launch nuclear weapons.
• A temporary impulse can shoot a gun – or start a nuclear war.
• Big business corporations build guns and nuclear weapons for profits.
• Manufacturers of guns and nuclear weapons bribe and lobby Congress to continue building them.

People can organize at the grassroots to stop guns and nuclear weapons:

• Nonviolent grassroots organizing has accomplished much throughout history.
• People have made some progress even against guns and nuclear weapons.
• Nonviolent grassroots movements are organizing new efforts against guns and nuclear weapons.

Connect with the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons:

We meet monthly and carry out various activities to educate and mobilize the public and put pressure on the government.  Contact us at (360) 491-9093.

Watch an informative video interview, read a thorough summary of what we said, and see much more information at and at the “Guns” and “Nuclear Weapons” parts of that blog,