Some Democratic presidential candidates are funded by billionaires, but not all are.

Recently Kamala Harris declined to participate with other presidential candidates in a climate debate because she wanted to use that time to attend a fundraising event featuring EXTREMELY RICH people.  Public blowback forced her to change her mind about that.

The article at the following link says, “Buttigieg Has 24 Billionaire Donors. Harris Has 17. Biden Has 13. Sanders Has None.”  The article’s first three paragraphs say:

“A recent analysis of Federal Election Commission (FEC) records found that there were 67 billionaire donors giving to 2020 Democratic candidates.

“And out of all 20 candidates who debated in Detroit, Michigan last week, only four have no billionaire donors giving to their campaigns.

“Forbes broke down who had the most billionaire donors out of all the major candidates running for the Democratic nomination. Candidates with more moderate policy proposals — like South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Kamala Harris (D-California), and former Vice President Joe Biden — tended to have more, while candidates with more progressive positions had less support from the country’s wealthiest people.”


The article is at this link: