“Solutionary Rail Is Good for Climate, Workers, Communities”

During 2019 my local newspaper, www.TheOlympian.com, authorized me to write five Op-Eds of up to 750 words each.

My November 2019 Op-Ed explained and strongly supported Solutionary Rail.  It begins with this headline and first paragraph:

Solutionary Rail Is Good for Climate, Workers, Communities

It’s rare to find a creative proposal that solves many problems at the same time. I’m enthusiastic about Solutionary Rail, www.solutionaryrail.org. It would electrify our railroads and significantly reduce fossil fuel use and air pollution. It would protect our environment, climate, and public health. It would create jobs and help local communities – including seaport areas, transportation hubs, cities, freeways, and rural areas.

It is being posted also to Solutionary Rail’s website, www.solutionaryrail.org.  Near the top of the home page, look for the tab labeled “In the Press.”  Click on that and you’ll see my Op-Ed and two TV interviews I conducted about this issue.

The TV programs and thorough summaries of what we said are at these links:

NOVEMBER 2019:  http://parallaxperspectives.org/tv-solutionary-rail-is-a-win-win-win-for-climate-workers-communities

DECEMBER 2017:  http://parallaxperspectives.org/tv-solutionary-rail

I am attaching my Op-Ed here:

Op-Ed supporting Solutionary Rail