Six articles about Trump’s dangerous and dictatorial behaviors

ITEM #1:  Trump keeps lying about political matters:


ITEM #2: Trump’s short attention span, simplistic thinking, etc., seriously impair his ability to serve as president:

Although this article does not specifically mention the need to use the Constitution’s 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, the article does a good job of succinctly summarizing his utter incompetence in performing the job’s mental requirements:


ITEM #3:  This new report documents Trump’s EXTREME and PERVASIVE CORRUPTION:

Trump has promoted corruption in many, many ways. His corruption not only abuses honest government, but it also hurts public health and safety, it rips off ordinary people, and it promotes international violence.

I encourage people to read this thorough report:


ITEM #4:  Trump shows 7 of 10 signs that he is becoming a dictator:


ITEM #5:  Trump’s claim that he can pardon himself reveals his fascist self-image:

When your president claims the right to pardon himself:  The bold non-profit org “Refuse Fascism” ( wrote this on June 5, 2018:

The Trump/Pence regime has made a dangerous assertion of political authority, yet another red flag of a fascist government in the making.

The New York Times reported on Saturday morning that Trump’s lawyers sent a letter to Robert Mueller indicating that as president, Trump has the right to “terminate the inquiry” into the Russian meddling or “even excercise his power to pardon.”

Michael Moore tweeted Sunday: “Trump has no intention of ever leaving. Ever. #Fascism.”

The Democratic leadership says impeachment is off the table and tells candidates in red states or closely contested elections to not even mention Trump, much less call out his crimes and condemn his regime for the fascists they are. Imagine if cutting through the unrelenting barrage of daily outrages and twitter outbursts; the step by step hammering into place of a vicious American fascism an uncompromising force emerged on the scene that refused to step down until the regime does. is sounding the alarm and mobilizing people to refuse to accept the unacceptable.


ITEM #6:  This article refutes Trump’s argument that he is above the law: