Significantly raise rich people’s taxes!

In the 1950s under Republican President Eisenhower, the U.S. had a tax rate of 93% for the richest people, and we enjoyed great prosperity.

Over the years Republicans and Democrats alike have been cutting taxes so rich people and giant corporations are now paying far less than they used to — and far less than they should.

“Trickle-down” has been proven NOT to work.  The rich keep getting richer.  Everybody else suffers by having to pick up the slack, and also by suffering grossly underfunded governmental services.  This is true at federal, state and local levels.

Rich people and businesses have the greatest responsibility to pay for the political and economic systems that made them rich!

On this issue — as on many, many, many others — public opinion is far ahead of the politicians and mainstream media.

A progressive organization called Justice Democrats ( wrote this on January 17, 2019:  “When Justice Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for higher marginal tax rates on people earning more than $10 million per year, Republicans lost their collective minds. They took to Fox News, calling the calls for the top 1% to pay their fair share ‘unAmerican, unfair, and socialist.’ Which is strange to hear, considering that would apply to the 90% top marginal tax rates of the 1960s and 1970s too. But in a shocking turn of events, it looks like Fox News is out-of-touch with the majority of Americans. According to a new The Hill-HarrisX polls, 59% of Americans support a top marginal tax rate of 70%.
Our country saw unprecedented growth and economic activity during an era where the richest Americans paid far more than 70%. But for some reason, corporate Democrats have been afraid to tackle this issue, fearing a backlash from….everyday Americans?”

On January 15, 2019, “The Hill” reported that most Americans want the tax rate for richest people to be 70%:  Women support the idea by a 62-38 percent margin. A majority of men back it as well, 55 percent to 45 percent. The proposal is popular in all regions of the country with a majority of Southerners backing it by a 57 to 43 percent margin. Rural voters back it as well, 56 percent to 44 percent.  Increasing the highest tax bracket to 70 percent garners a surprising amount of support among Republican voters. In the Hill-HarrisX poll, 45 percent of GOP voters say they favor it while 55 percent are opposed to it.  Independent voters who were contacted backed the tax idea by a 60 to 40 percent margin while Democratic ones favored it, 71 percent to 29 percent.  See more information at:

Mainstream media keep saying that the 70% rate proposed by U.S. Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is too radical.  But most Americans want that!  Once again, mainstream media are biased in favor of conservative interests, and they are out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Rich people have the greatest responsibility to pay for the political and economic systems that made them rich.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to raise taxes on the richest people:




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