Sign petition to reject Trump’s horribly unqualified right-wing nominee Stephen Moore from serving on Federal Reserve Board.

During 2015 and 2016 Trump had campaigned with a promise to hire only “the best people.”  Instead, he has hired and appointed a whole slew of extreme right-wingers who are grossly unqualified, horribly corrupt, and/or maliciously cruel.

In early April 2019 good political observers and non-profit organizations alerted us that Trump has nominated to the Governing Board of the Federal Reserve an appallingly horrible right-winger named Stephen Moore.

CREDO Action ( reported:  “The seven members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors oversee the central banking system and U.S. monetary policy. If you are not sure exactly what they do, you are in the same boat as Stephen Moore, who recently said, ‘I’m going to be on a steep learning curve myself about how the Fed operates, how the Federal Reserve makes its decisions. It’s hard for me to say even what my role will be there, assuming I get confirmed.'”  CREDO Action reported that three headlines have been published for articles about this:

  • “Trump nominates famous idiot Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve Board”
  • “Stephen Moore is comically unqualified”
  • “President Trump nominates a hack to the Fed”

Credo Action said Trump “picked right-wing hack Stephen Moore for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors because he is a Trump sycophant who co-wrote a glowing book about him. It’s up to us to make sure the Senate rejects this astonishingly bad nomination.”

The organization reported that Moore owes $75,000 in unpaid taxes to the IRS, so his contempt for the law and for fairness seems well aligned with Trumpism.  The organization also reported that Stephen Moore:

• Is not an economist and has zero experience in monetary policy
• Once suggested that Trump should receive the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics
• Called for firing the current Federal Reserve board chairman and the entire board of governors
• Co-wrote a glowing right-wing book on Trump’s economic agenda
• Lies so regularly one newspaper banned him from its pages
• Spent his “career” warning that tax hikes kill the economy and then being proven wrong
• Led Kansas into a massive fiscal crisis through tax cuts for the rich
• Spent the Obama era hawking gold to gullible Glenn Beck viewers
• Faces strident, vocal opposition from economists, including conservative Bush administration economists
• Said he thinks Trump is in incredible shape and looks like a football player, leading to questions about his independence in his new position
• Railed against the Federal Reserve’s recent rate hikes
• Was held in contempt of court for failing to pay his ex-wife over $300,000 in alimony














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