Republicans like to SAY they are “the party of Lincoln,” but they DO THEY OPPOSITE!

Republicans like to SAY they are “the party of Lincoln, but actually they DO THE OPPOSITE!


Lincoln freed the slaves and fought the Civil War to end slavery, BUT:

  • Republicans allow their party members to bring Confederate flags to Republican Party events.
  • Republicans pass laws to prevent teaching school children about racial discrimination in U.S. history.
  • Republicans have prevented immigrants from African nations.
  • Republicans vigorously oppose efforts to reduce gun violence, even though Lincoln himself was murdered by a gun.


If Republicans REALLY were “the party of Lincoln, they would STRONGLY SUPPORT:

  • Black Pride
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Teaching kids about racial discrimination throughout U.S. history
  • Eliminating racial bias from local police behavior and from unjust criminal sentences
  • Making sure African Americans had health care as good as white people have
  • Vigorous efforts to end poverty throughout all of the U.S. — rural and urban areas alike






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