Republicans are NOT “pro-life.” They keep doing stupid, cruel things that hurt our nation and our people

Do NOT let anyone tell you that Republicans are “pro-life.”  Their actual decisions are the OPPOSITE!

Republicans define “life” so narrowly that it pertains only to fetuses.  But once the child is born, Republicans are TAKING AWAY HEALTH CARE and TAKING AWAY FOOD from children who need them.  Also, Republicans keep TAKING AWAY HEALTH CARE and keep TAKING AWAY FOOD from pregnant women, so Republicans are KNOWINGLY HURTING FETUSES too.

Jesus fed hungry people and healed sick people.  Republicans do the opposite, but they pretend to be Christians.  On many, many occasions Jesus strongly criticized the HYPOCRITES who pretend to be religiously pious but who actually fail to fulfill their faith’s ethical requirements.


Republicans are still shredding the social safety net:


Instead of being “pro-life,” the Republican Party now is “the party of death”:


During the Coronavirus pandemic, Republicans voted AGAINST paid sick leave for workers:

On March 18, 2020, 51 Republican senators voted AGAINST increasing paid leave in the coronavirus relief package.  The final bill was weaker than it should have been, but the final, weaker bill did pass.

Anybody who is TRULY “pro-life” would want to protect people from deadly disease infections.  People who are sick need to take time off work so they do not infect other people.  But many businesses do NOT provide paid sick leave!  Their low-paid workers CANNOT AFFORD TO STAY HOME WHEN THEY ARE SICK, so those businesses are FORCING THEIR EMPLOYEES TO INFECT OTHER PEOPLE — and those businesses are KNOWINGLY INFECTING THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Republicans are ENEMIES OF WORKERS.
Republicans are NOT “pro-life.”


Republicans’ policies make Coronavirus spread more — and make people die from it!

Trump and most Republicans in Congress and state legislatures:

  • Oppose letting employees have adequate paid sick leave
  • Oppose Paid time off
  • Have spent years trying to take away people’s health care and preventing expansion of Medicaid
  • Oppose honest science and support corrupt baloney instead
  • Keep drug prices high, so people cannot afford to protect their health or keep from dying

I wrote this a while ago to express insights and serious concerns about the 2020 presidential election:


Republicans DESTROY ENVIRONMENAL PROTECTIONS and POISON US (including fetuses) with chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, etc.  That is NOT “pro-life”!

Sometime I’ll post information to this blog with specific examples.  There are MANY, MANY examples, and they are OUTRAGEOUS!!!  Trump and his EPA Administrator (Andrew Wheeler, who used to be a lobbyist for the coal industry) have been RECKLESSLY AND DELIBERATELY INCREASING POLLUTION that scientists have proven will cause cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, etc., etc.















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