Read George Lakey’s books and articles about nonviolence and grassroots organizing

Recently I heard George Lakey speak in Olympia, and I bought his latest book.  I’ve known George for decades, heard him speak many times, and took a weekend of nonviolence training from him several decades ago.  He is one of the whole world’s most highly respected organizers and writers about very savvy grassroots organizing.

I encourage you to read the articles George Lakey writes about nonviolent grassroots organizing, strategizing, movement-building, social justice, and more.  He writes articles for, which posts many other people’s articles, too. You can subscribe at that link and have new articles sent to you.

You can see Waging Nonviolence’s collection of articles by George Lakey at this special link:

His latest book is How We Win:  A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning.  Please buy it from locally owned bookstores instead of from giant chains that hurt our local economy.