QAnon conspiracy theory: Origins, basic beliefs, infection of the Republican Party

You’ve been hearing about QAnon and its massive right-wing conspiracy theories that have been spreading nationwide and have infected the Republican Party.  Here are links to some articles about its origins and basic beliefs — and how it has infected the Republican Party:


Basic information and background from a few years ago:

This was published in 2018:


This 2018 article said the QAnon conspiracy theory has roots in the CIA:


This 2019 article exposes origins and activities of QAnon and internet conspiracy theory wackos and hackers:


This 2020 article reports that “Out of Shadows” Is a QAnon Film Going Viral:


QAnon is infecting the Republican Party:


This 2020 article says Republicans are being eaten from within by the QAnon cult, and no one can stop it:


This 2020 article reports that Trump refuses to deal honestly with QAnon and continues praising U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican who is immersed in the conspiracy theory:


This 2020 article discusses what the author calls “he Church of QAnon” and expresses concerns about Trumpian conspiracy theories that are forming the basis of a dangerous new religious movement:



Later I will post other articles from 2020 and 2021 with further developments, including its spread within the Republican Party and its racism and anti-Semitism.


















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