Protect TRUTH and DEMOCRACY from Trump’s constant abuses!

Trump is relentlessly, repeatedly attacking TRUTH and attacking DEMOCRACY and other humane values in so many may ways that people are increasingly afraid that our constitutional government will be replaced by Trump’s dictatorship.

Congress is not doing nearly enough to protect us.  Trump has been stacking the courts with young, right-wing extremists who will continue imposing Trumpism upon us for decades into the future.  Media ownership is concentrating in fewer hands, and those are increasingly right-wing, so now fewer Americans know what is really happening.


A recent article was titled:  “How Democracy Dies: Big Brother is Erasing the Public Record.”  I summarize a few points here.  The USSR used to “airbrush” certain individuals out of photos after they fell out of favor.  Trump’s Barr redacted the Mueller Report.  The government censored parts of the Warren Commission’s Report on JFK’s assassination.  The government is suppressing truth in various ways – and increasingly so under Trump’s control.  Read the article at this link:


This article is an example of Trump’s foreign policy and is titled, “Elliott Abrams, Trump’s Pick to Bring “Democracy” to Venezuela, Has Spent His Life Crushing Democracy.”  Read it at this link:


The pattern has been emerging longer than Trump’s reign, and it has come from other sources.  See this article about how in the U.S. the police state has long been grabbing power over us:


This article explains why the Right Wing abandons democracy in favor of authoritarianism:


Thom Hartmann wrote this article titled, “To Save the Republic, Some of Trump’s Allies and Appointees Will Have to Face Federal Prosecution.”  He wrote, “Trump and his cronies have shown present and future politicians how much corruption the Republican Party and the public will tolerate, and it’s a very bad sign for the future of the American experiment.  America has never before seen such breathtaking corruption in the Oval Office.  Here is the article:











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